"Half my clients come to me for my style and the other half for their concern climática¨

Pioneer in environmentalist fashion, environmentalist and great defender of animal rights. Raised in vegetarianism by her parents Linda and our favorite beatle, the great Sir Paul. Once again, Stella Mc Cartney sought to raise awareness through her collection. In the last few days he used ironic images of animals in his network campaign to do activism through humor. Today, in his Paris show his models appeared accompanied by rabbits, cows, foxes and lizards, alluding to the fauna threatened by the consumption of furs. Since the foundation of the brand in 2001, the designer never used animal skins, leather or feathers and also avoided the use of glue.

The mainstay of his collection is fashion sustainable, uses noble textures, such as cotton, silk and wool, with other new generation, laboratory materials that are created from recycled, like nylon and polyester.

Since 2018 he has been working with a leather-like material created from particles of corn stalks and other nutrients, free of toxic chemicals. In 2019 he sold a part of the brand shares to the luxury LVMH group and has since been the sustainability advisor to its owner, Bernard Arnault. 

In this autumn-winter 2020/21 collection, the importance McCartney gives to textile innovation is reflected in the "vegan leather", boots type "Chelsea" and woolly coats without sheepskin. All the that might look like skin is not.

"Every decision we make is a sign of our commitment to define the future of fashion. Never we have used leather and fur and have pioneered the use alternative materials using the most to move towards circularity, to protect the forests and endangered, and try to stop the impact that we cause on the planet with innovative tools," he said McCartney. 

The guests of the parade in PARIS, received as a gift a small tree to plant. After many years, Stella McCartney finally feels like a freak for talking about sustainability at Fashion Week. Things have changed and are changing and we owe it to characters like her.

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